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April 19, 2007


Cathy Lewis

I'm rather embarassed to admit that I scored below average in this test, which I'm guessing is aimed at teenagers half my age. I didn't think I'd know everything, but I thought I'd know more than I did.

Most of what I didn't know, I thought I should know. But not everything. For instance, does it really matter if I know how fast sperm leaves a man's penis?

The test has an odd tonality. It veers between the serious and the flippant, rather disconcertingly, producing a jokey flavour which sometimes seems misplaced.

Overall, though, this seems like a good way to both educate people about important sexual matters and get them interested to find out more.

What do you think the purpose of this test is, Kate, and do you think it serves it?


I got 35 which means I have common sense. But I don't think that a lot of questions were about common sense - how fast does sperm travel after ejaculation - for instance? Knowing that isn't common sense - even if it has ever hit you in the eye!

Kate monro

I scored 32!!
I think the test is designed for people much younger than me.
Thats my excuse.

Paul Ainsworth

I scored 29. I did really badly with the questions about abortion and STIs because my partner and I have only ever had each since losing our virginity and we don't agree with abortion.

Pathetic excuse I know.

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