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Kate Monro was born the daughter of a diplomat and a housewife on a farm in Yorkshire. An unremarkable education preceded a career that has taken in spells with the rock band Blur, with the publishing mavericks Dazed & Confused and, most recently, with creative advertising agency RKCR Y&R. Whilst feeling that she had achieved her ambition to work for companies with ridiculous names, it wasn’t until she completed a copywriting course, that she discovered a love of words and editing text.

A light bulb moment on a Californian beach followed and as a result, she set out to ask British men and women to reveal their most intimate truth - their virginity loss stories. The response was overwhelming and the result is a groundbreaking and very personal insight into the beating heart of British sexuality.

An enthusiastic and articulate speaker on her subject, she has also caught the media’s attention via her blog, ‘The Virginity Project’. Writing about her unusual journey as she interviews strangers about their sex lives, she has been featured in the Saturday and Sunday Times, The Observer, The Evening Standard, The Guardian Online, The Independent and Metro. She has also appeared live on Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray, Asian Network Radio, The Vanessa Feltz show, The Jim Davis Show, regional BBC Radio, The World Service and SPIN Radio.

‘Losing It: How we popped our cherry over the last 80 years' is Kate Monro’s first book. Upon completion, she plans to take herself, a video camera and her interviewing skills to the USA in a bid to meet Americans everywhere and ask them the question, ‘So, how did you lose your virginity?’

At her other blog, Big Guy Small Dog Blog, she also explores the ever shifting relationship between the sexes.

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People! Do you have an interesting virginity loss story that you would like to share? email me at: [email protected]. All names changed.