Kate Monro is the author of Losing It: How We Lost Our Cherry Over the Last 80 Years, published by Icon Books.

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  • Losing our virginity…it happens to almost all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from. How did it happen for you? Ever wondered what other people think and feel about this never-to-be-repeated experience? I am on a mission to find out. Follow my journey as I collect stories from as wide a selection of people as possible. From men and women, old and young, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim and Catholic, from the funny and the sad, to the happy and occasionally, the unbelievable. I am in search of the one story that we rarely share. Come and join my adventure.

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  • Have you got a story you would like to post? Or an opinion you would like to share? Email me: katemonroe@yahoo.com Remember to tell me when you were born and what country you come from. All names will be changed to protect identity.

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March 22, 2009



I have ADD, too -- unmedicated -- but I got my undergrad degree in four years and my grad degree in a year and half, both from a good school. It bugs me when people use ADD as a reason why they haven't accomplished (or even set) any of their goals. If we work hard and use our resources, ADD-ers can accomplish anything anyone else can. I know that's not super relevant to the story, but I had to say it.

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